Quest Gifts

Quest Gifts creates beautiful, functional, and timeless works of art for the home. The intricate imagery of Quest Gifts' work makes their pieces appear every bit as delicate and fragile as the natural objects they represent. Quest Gifts' artwork is constructed from pewter and hand-painted with high-gloss enamel. They use only the highest quality materials: Swarovski crystal, 24 karat gold, and sterling silver plate. Hand-mixing the paints that they use on each piece results in slight variations in color tone, an organic quality that enhances the floral themes that appear throughout the collection.  

The collection from Quest Gifts offers a wide variety of Judaica, including mezuzahs, menorahs, seder plates, shabbat candlesticks, torah yads, tzedakah boxes, hand-washing cups, kiddush cups, and honey dishes. All of the judaic art gift pieces by Quest Gifts are hand crafted in the United States.

A gift from Quest is an elegant piece of art that will be used forever. Whether you are buying a mezuzah for a new born baby, a yad for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah to use for the torah reading, or a menorah for the new couple to use during their first Hanukkah together, a gift from Quest is one that will make a lasting impression and will not be forgotten.

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