Featured Artist: Amy Fagin

Amy Fagin's ketubot are on sale now through December 31st.   

Amy Fagin's finely crafted, illuminated ketubot reflect a broad spectrum of inspired designs. Her compositions incorporate an intellectual curiosity with a sinuous arrangement of space, pattern, symbolism and representational imagery.  Her signature line of "Contemporary Ketubot" are exuberant, multi-layered and thematically inspired compositions. Her "Heritage Ketubah" series reflects a new vein of inspiration for Amy which draws on the enormous diversity of cultural expression of Jewish heritage in communities worldwide.  Her "Miniature Ketubot" series are inspirations which are designed for couples whose taste in ketubah illumination reflects a more personal expression. These delicate miniature compositions are especially well suited for anniversary occasions. Amy Fagin's work stands out for its sophisticated yet inviting compositions designed for a lifetime of appreciation.

First Kiss Ketubah: 
The chemistry of Love has been the subject of creative expression throughout time and in every corner of the globe. "First Kiss" explores the surge and thrill of emotions that arise within as we draw close to one another and exchange the tenderness and trust that a first kiss expresses. Accompanied by ketubah vows, first kiss embodies the youthful energy of this unforgettable moment thought our lives.

Embrace Ketubah: The moment of embrace between lovers is perhaps the most intoxicating and mysterious force within the realm of human experience. Two individuals encircle and envelop one another, dissolving their apparent separateness. In the physical embrace of love, our consciousness expands and we glimpse the enormity of the cosmic and earthly forces that we are made and shaped by. With the “Embrace” ketubah, this moment is described in word, symbol, shape, pattern and color. Two join together in honoring the traditions of marriage and Jewish heritage. They widen their embrace, transcend individual experience. They unite with all humanity in the spirit of love and understanding. This completion is reflected in the blessing from Bereshit 2:1 “Thus heaven and earth were finished, and all their array.”

Double Ring Ketubah:   
The "Double Ring" design is an ageless and universally cherished symbol of two lives joined into one in love and marriage.  Illuminated in the completely unique signature style of 20th Century Illuminations, this contemporary rendering of the double ring design shines in its timeless accounting of the nature of a union bound in love.  Celebrating 2500 years of ketubah illumination, Amy Fagin's contemporary line of fine art ketubot delights couples around the world with finely crafted illuminations that speak to the heart and soul of love and marriage.

Wind Song Ketubah:  
"Wind Song" is a spirited, "young at heart" composition celebrating the diversity and abundance of life around us. From the artist herself: "The health and diversity of our planet depends on the stewardship of our natural resources by all people.  The promises of a marriage are cradled within the intricate and delicate web of life upon which we depend for our very existence.  Our exhilarating 'Wind Song' ketubah expresses a chorus of celebration from the wealth of our ocean's mysteries to the blessings of sun, rain and the plant kingdom.  Your promise is also our promise and with the purchase of our 'Wind Song' illuminated ketubah we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Ocean Conservancy to help preserve the health of our oceans.  Our contribution campaigns are our way of thanking you for your patronage and working on behalf of the health of our planet, which we all share."

Each of Amy Fagin's ketubot offers a variety of texts to choose from. Depending on the ketubah, you can request one of the following texts: Traditional Aramaic with English, Conservative with Lieberman and English, Egalitarian/Reform, Commitment Vows, Anniversary, and English or Spanish only. Each ketubah can also be personalized, which means that the pre-printed ketubah text will be filled in with your personal information.

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