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The menorah featured above was created by Blackthorne Forge Judaica.  
Blackthorne Forge is owned and operated by Vermont blacksmith, Steven Bronstein. He and his helpers have been creating functional and sculptural artwork for over 25 years. Seder plates, matza plates, Hanukkah menorahs, tzedakah boxes, and Shabbat candlesticks are just a few of the objects for which Steven has sought to blend functional with  sculptural.

The home blessing featured above was created by Mira Ballard. Her artwork is composed of pewter or bronze with an antique style that recalls thousands of years of Jewish history.


The necklace featured above was created by Alef Bet by Paula, which has been a sparkling light in the world of Judaic and modern jewelry for 14 years. Alef Bet is not about traditional classics. They design and produce truly original and of-the-moment jewelry. Alef Bet is about fashion, faith, and forward-looking designs.



The tallit set featured above was created by Argaman Embroidery
Each tallit set is handmade in Israel and comes with a tallit, kippah, and tallit bag.

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