Featured Artist: Enya Keshet


Gallery Judaica is not just the best place to visit for a wide selection of ketubot. 

Gallery Judaica is THE  place to visit if you want a  
marriage-contract-turned-beautiful-piece-of-art to admire in your home forever and always. Enya Keshet's ketubot are just that: intricate, delicate, and stunning all at once, while maintaining the powerful message inscribed on each ketubah. Enya Keshet combines paper cutting with calligraphy and color illumination enhanced by gold leaf, all done by hand. She has also developed a series of laser-cut reproductions of her paper-cuts, done in paper and wood.


Unusual in its measurements and proportions and unique with its raised gold medallions this Elegance 3D Birds ketubah brings additional artistic value to the message that it conveys. Whether exclusively white or mounted on hand painted silk, it plays a rich game of light and shadow with the depth under the papercut. 

The embracing birds of paradise embody love and passion in their poetic poise, encircled with the delicate lattice of Stars of David, nesting in the comforting tradition of Jewish family and community life.

The Jerusalem Ketubah is another example of a stunning ketubah that will be cherished and admired for generations and generations. The ketubah can be displayed with no backing ("see-through"), adding elegance to the art as the papercut stands alone between pieces of glass. It can also be mounted on hand-painted silk, which highlights and strengthens the beauty within the intricate details. 

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