Michael Aram's Metals

We've talked about Michael Aram before, but we can't stop ourselves from showing off one of the best collections from one of our favorite artists.  

Michael Aram's Molten Collection "takes its inspiration from the lore of ancient craftsmanship and the application of these time-honored techniques to modern shapes and environments. Molten is made by welding the edge of the piece not for the function of joinery but for the beauty and spontaneous quality of molten metal." The collection offers individual pieces of beauty and inspiration for many Jewish holidays, or an entire set of matching metal to last you throughout the year and get you excited as you move from one holiday to the next.

Just like the other collections from Michael Aram, the artistic judaica and tableware is unique, each piece differing slightly from the next due to the fact that it is all handmade. Michael Aram offers an exceptional variety of metal work, creating hand-hammered pieces, and brilliant, sophisticated artwork made from nickelplate, aluminum, stainless steel, and oxidized bronze. 

Bring Michael Aram into your home for the holidays this year, or give a piece of a collection as a gift, and we promise he won't disappoint you.

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