Simple + Detailed

Sometimes something, like a piece of art, may look really simple from afar. But when you get up close, you can see the details and realize that it is an intricate, beautiful piece of art. If you have simple style, don't settle for simple and boring. Get the simple yet stunning look from two of our artists, 
Quest and Argaman.

Quest offers a great selection of simple yet finely detailed pieces for the home and holidays. Some of the artwork by Quest is constructed from pewter and painted with high-gloss enamel. They even embellish and decorate some of their art pieces with Swarovski crystals. The Simplicity Seder Plate shown here includes six removable dishes that are each hand-painted with enamel and decorated with crystals. The Fancy Swirl Unpainted Kiddush Cup is a bit more simple without the enamel, but still includes detailed work in the metal and crystals. 
Looking for even more simple? Quest also creates simple yet stand-out artwork made out of just metal, like the Hammered Metal Hand Washing Cup and the Hammered Metal Hand Washing Bowl shown here. 


Each tallit from Argaman Embroidery is hand-made in Israel and the collection of tallitot is filled with simple yet detailed beauty. 

All of the men's tallitot shown here look simple from afar, but when you get up close, you notice the intricate embroidery that is stitched onto each tallit. The colors also work well for men with simple style: go for the simple yet stunning look in the beautiful greys, browns, reds, and blues.

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