Spring is Blooming...Soon!

Snow, rain, freezing temperatures, and cloudy skies are not things to look forward to.

Sunshine, flowers, and warm weather...now that's something we can get excited about!

Spring starts in less than two months and we want to get you excited about the good times ahead.


Seder plates from Mustardseed & Moonshine are the perfect way to celebrate in the season of Spring. The idea behind the artwork is to make beautiful ceramic flowers that are both usable and lasting, flowers that are meticulously crafted, and yet simultaneously robust and functional. Each piece is handmade and will bring the beauty of Spring into your home throughout Passover year after year.

Talk about Spring! Reeva Shaffer brings you the perfect accessory for Jewish life in springtime. Her Brightly Colored Burnout Silk Tallit will make you feel as powerful as the rays of the sun that will soon be shining down upon you.


Spring this year means color, but orange is THE color of Spring this year and mixed with this black and white polka dot design, these Candlesticks by Orna Lalo could not be more on trend. Celebrate Shabbat this Spring in style with these fabulous flower candlesticks.

Quest brings Spring into your home with beautiful color inspirations, including this Miriam Kiddush Cup. Let them light up your home literally and figuratively! They will make the sunny days appear to come even sooner.

Speaking of sunshine and flowers...what better way to celebrate Spring than to celebrate the leaves that bloom each Spring season! Each Leaves Seder Plate by Quest is hand-painted, making each one a unique piece of art. The six small leaf dishes are sure to brighten up any home.


This Seder Plate by Tesori Collection brings you the essence of Spring in its seven species motif. Colorful in its representation of grapes, olives, wheat, barley, figs, date, and pomegranates, the Seder plate symbolizes the abundance of the Land of Israel in biblical times. This cheerful yet meaningful Seder plate will make you feel like the abundance that Spring brings is just moments away. 

The Tesori Collection's Passover Matzah Plate, like the matching Passover Seder Plate above, will make Winter go by in a blur. Bring Spring into your home and your Seder with this beautiful work of art.   

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