Sweet Celebrations: Mary Jurek

What could be sweeter than spending peaceful time 
celebrating Shabbat, or a wedding, with family and friends? 

Shabbat celebrates our day of rest and our day of peace. 
It allows us to break away from and reflect on the world we live in day-to-day. 
It allows us to focus on the sweetness of celebrating life, family, and Jewish traditions. Just like we do at joyous, momentous occasions like weddings, Shabbat is a time to focus on the now, on the current moment, and on the family and friends that surround us and make our lives at peace.

Celebrate Shabbat, weddings, and many other Jewish holidays with Mary Jurek. Her great ability to work in stainless steel guides her burgeoning luxury tableware and home design company, and has allowed her to develop a unique line of products that reflect both her personal and professional preferences: organic and unadorned, yet beautiful in the most classic sense of the word. For Jurek, the paradox of her primitive, individually hand-welded products juxtaposed with modern-day luxury living is the ultimate expression of her artistic vision.

Her artistic talent has brought her to create hand-hammered stainless steel accessories that brilliantly reflect today’s style: organic, alluring, playful and classic. Polished to a high luster, these unique pieces provide elegance in home entertaining. From the Shabbat candlesticks used weekly, to the Seder plate for Passover in the Spring, to the Honey Bowl for Rosh Hashanah in the fall, bring Mary Jurek into your home for something sweet, classic, and always tasteful. 

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