Yair Emanuel: Passover Sale + More

Yair Emanuel gives us the gift of painted wood art created and crafted in Jerusalem.

Each piece from Yair Emanuel is a standout work of art. His collections brighten rooms, homes, and holidays, with tzedakah boxes, havdalah sets, and the two passover essentails: seder and matzah plates. He fuses traditional motifs and ancient Jewish manuscripts with modern and oriental art, and mixes old and new with vivid and harmonious colors. 

It's time to for an update, or just an extra: start shopping Yair Emanuel (and the Passover pieces are even on sale!)

Peacocks Round Tzedakah Box            Jerusalem Tzedakah Box                      Flowers Tzedakah Box


Oriental Havdalah Set

Peacocks Seder Plate                                                                                           Jerusalem Seder Plate


Peacocks Matza Plate                                                                                                Figures Matza Plate


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