Featured Artist: C.J. Art

Whether or not you've been to Jerusalem, you've definitely seen the sites: beige stone piled high, glistening in the sunlight and reflecting the magic that is felt throughout the city. Jerusalem stone is a symbol of Jerusalem just as much as it is part of the city. When you're there, you can see the stone from every angle, and touch it as you stand and pray in front of the Western Wall. It is beautiful in its simplicity, and both holds and reflects so many milestones in the Jewish religion and tradition. 

C.J. Art brings the magic of Jerusalem stone into your home. C.J. Art represents a group of artists who create handmade Judaica items from stone and glass, combining modern trends with traditional motifs. They emphasize high-quality production using the most advanced technological processes mixed with natural raw materials characteristic of Israel. A piece from C.J. Art is the perfect gift for someone who loves and appreciates the beauty of simple magic that Jerusalem provides. 

Below from left to right:

The C.J. Art Home Blessing in stone and frosted glass, the Stone and Glass Tzedakah Box, combining the old and new with laser-etched stone and glass, and the Woman of Valor Blessing in stone and frosted glass.

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