Ketubahs Up Close: Danny Azoulay

If you've ever had doubt that Danny Azoulay makes some of the most stunning ketubot in the 
world, we are about to quench those doubts. Thanks to Danny Azoulay and his team, 
we can show you his papercut ketubot up close, in detail, and confirm that they 
are just as beautiful in person as they look online.
It is a powerful thing to know, as Azoulay says, that the ketubah 
becomes the new couple's first family heirloom. The ketubah "not only imbues the 
marriage ceremony with beauty, but is an artwork to be lastingly treasured by future generations." Each ketubah by Danny Azoulay is printed by the giclee method, modern day lithography, cut by laser and hand-embellished with gold leaf or platinum. Each ketubah is unique from any other, as it is personalized with a date, number, and signature by the artist.  
Watch and enjoy the video from one of our favorite artists,