Mother's Day: May 13th

Mother's Day is on May 13th this year. That means it's only 12 days away! 

To celebrate, we are giving you Chai for Mom: 

18% off (most) merchandise to celebrate the women who gave and continue to give you life 
(literally and figuratively). 

There are so many perfect gifts for Mom to love: 

Brighten up her Shabbat each Friday evening with a set of Orna Lalo candlesticks. They are fun and beautiful all at once, just like most of our mothers are known to be!

Jewelry is a go-to gift for many and never fails to please! These necklaces from Robin Terman and Alef Bet Jewelry can be simple enough for everyday wear, but gorgeous enough for any special event. We promise your mother will love this.


Has your mother always wanted a stand-out Tallit but never upgraded from the one she's always worn? Or maybe she has never had one to call her own? Cream, classy, and hand-crafted, this Tallit by Reeva is one of many that will bring feelings of warmth and goodness each time it is wrapped around your mother. 


The Miriam Cup for Passover is an excellent choice as a tribute to women, and will forever serve as a tribute to your mother. And, the cup can also serve as a Kiddush Cup, which means two times the tribute to her!

Honor the women in your life who "do good" with a Tzedakah box that will forever remind them of the good they've done and will continue to do. This striking piece from Dabbah, made of anondized aluminum, will make the act of giving Tzedakah all the more fulfilling.  
Bless your mother with a blessing turned work of art with any of our beautiful glass pieces from Schlanser and others, or our papercuts from some of our favorite artists, such as Danny Azoulay. Whether you are blessing them with love, happiness, peace, or as a Woman of Valor, these incredibly meaningful gifts will make a very lasting impression, and make her feel forever blessed for being a mother.

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