Wedding Season: Papercuts

Been hearing a lot of buzz about weddings lately? So have we!

It's wedding season and we're so excited for all of our customers (and everyone else) to get married and celebrate the most important day in their lives!

What's always number one on our wedding checklist? The Ketubah

According to tradition and ancient Judaic law, a bride and groom must agree to a contract in order for their Jewish marriage to be binding. This wedding contract is called a ketubah.  
Choosing a ketubah is not always the easiest decision, but luckily, there is one for every personality! This week we'd like to share papercut ketubot, which are stunning works of art that will forever reflect the joy of your marriage ceremony. They are detailed, intricate, and delicate, and perfect for the couple who appreciates subtle beauty. Not only are papercut ketubot gorgeous, they are also very easy to personalize. You may decide to add a backing to the papercut, in a neutral or bright color, or you may decide to go with the striking image that comes with simply placing the papercut between two pieces of glass. Either way, we promise they are the most beautiful contracts we have yet to see. 

Here's a handful of our papercut ketubot

Left: Ardyn Halter: 
The Papercut Ketubah

Enya Keshet: 
Two Trees Ketubah, No Backing (we like this one A LOT! It's a Gallery Judaica exclusive! 

Left: Melanie Dankowicz: 
Terrace Ketubah

Right and Below: 
Danny Azoulay:
Pardes Ketubah and Olive Ketubah
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