New Exclusive: Robert Saslow

We are so proud to EXCLUSIVELY carry some of the most beautiful ketubot 
in the world. Our newest addition to the exclusives collection is from artist Robert 
Saslow, entitled Love's Canopy Ketubah. One reason we love Saslow is simply the 
fact that he's from our home town of Los Angeles. But we really love him as a designer and calligrapher, creating and producing his stunning collection of ketubot.

Our exclusive Love's Canopy Ketubah shown below represents two trees gently intertwined 
to create a single graceful canopy, aglow with blessings of love, compassion, and peace - 
the perfect image and message to represent the joyous occasion of your wedding.

Shop this and the rest of his collection on our site and don't forget that you get 
free ground shipping with any one of his pieces!

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