Beautify, Give, Illuminate, & Enrich

Steve Resnick continues to create unique works of art to enhance every aspect of your 
life. Each piece is created by hand, and reflects the skillful carving of the glass, 
as well as the sophistication and spirituality of the design and imagery.

Enhance your life and your home by beautifying Shabbat each week with his 
Olive Branch Challah platter, or by giving to those in need everyday through his stunning 
Olive Branch Tzedakah box. The elegant Tzedakah box will serve as a prominent reminder to do 
what is right. Illuminate the Festival of Lights even more this year with his finely crafted Olive Branch Menorah, or enrich your home with the beauty and protection of Resnick's Etched Glass Mezuzah, which reads "Bless You When You Enter, Bless You When You Leave."

Steve Resnick's pieces are unlike any other, literally and figuratively. No two are the same, and 
each piece is sure to enhance your home, or the home of those you choose to give these gifts to.

Gallery Judaica