Spring Ahead with Reeva

We just got one more reason to get excited for Spring: 
our new tallitot from Reeva Shaffer.


Brighten up the end of winter early with a tallit from Reeva

She continues to create breathtaking tallitot made from combining luscious fabrics, ribbons, trims, and braids, and enhancing her work with painted or appliqued calligraphic texts. 

Her talented hands, along with those of her seamstresses, mix extreme beauty and spirituality into one each time they produce a new tallit. 

We can't help but thank Reeva for bringing extraordinary art into our world, and we hope that you share in our appreciation by springing ahead with Reeva Shaffer.

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Michael Aram's Metals

We've talked about Michael Aram before, but we can't stop ourselves from showing off one of the best collections from one of our favorite artists.  

Michael Aram's Molten Collection "takes its inspiration from the lore of ancient craftsmanship and the application of these time-honored techniques to modern shapes and environments. Molten is made by welding the edge of the piece not for the function of joinery but for the beauty and spontaneous quality of molten metal." The collection offers individual pieces of beauty and inspiration for many Jewish holidays, or an entire set of matching metal to last you throughout the year and get you excited as you move from one holiday to the next.

Just like the other collections from Michael Aram, the artistic judaica and tableware is unique, each piece differing slightly from the next due to the fact that it is all handmade. Michael Aram offers an exceptional variety of metal work, creating hand-hammered pieces, and brilliant, sophisticated artwork made from nickelplate, aluminum, stainless steel, and oxidized bronze. 

Bring Michael Aram into your home for the holidays this year, or give a piece of a collection as a gift, and we promise he won't disappoint you.

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Featured Artist: Enya Keshet


Gallery Judaica is not just the best place to visit for a wide selection of ketubot. 

Gallery Judaica is THE  place to visit if you want a  
marriage-contract-turned-beautiful-piece-of-art to admire in your home forever and always. Enya Keshet's ketubot are just that: intricate, delicate, and stunning all at once, while maintaining the powerful message inscribed on each ketubah. Enya Keshet combines paper cutting with calligraphy and color illumination enhanced by gold leaf, all done by hand. She has also developed a series of laser-cut reproductions of her paper-cuts, done in paper and wood.


Unusual in its measurements and proportions and unique with its raised gold medallions this Elegance 3D Birds ketubah brings additional artistic value to the message that it conveys. Whether exclusively white or mounted on hand painted silk, it plays a rich game of light and shadow with the depth under the papercut. 

The embracing birds of paradise embody love and passion in their poetic poise, encircled with the delicate lattice of Stars of David, nesting in the comforting tradition of Jewish family and community life.

The Jerusalem Ketubah is another example of a stunning ketubah that will be cherished and admired for generations and generations. The ketubah can be displayed with no backing ("see-through"), adding elegance to the art as the papercut stands alone between pieces of glass. It can also be mounted on hand-painted silk, which highlights and strengthens the beauty within the intricate details. 

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Featured Artist: Gary Rosenthal

Gary Rosenthal is an artist who has perfected the talent of combining metals with glass. His brilliant judaica is created from a craftsman using copper, brass, and steel, and fused glass, all at once. 

Gary Rosenthal's unique work can be universally admired and enjoyed by people of all ages celebrating all different kinds of occasions. His gorgeous Seder plate is the perfect addition for the upcoming Passover holiday, and his menorahs are sure to brighten up any home for the next Hanukkah celebration. His candlesticks, Havdalah set, mezuzot, and tzedakah boxes make a perfect gift for people of all ages, whether it's for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, someone being awarded or presented with an honor,
or a new couple 
starting a home together. 

Gary Rosenthal's artwork will never disappoint and knowing that each piece is individually handmade and unique just makes it all the more special.

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New Artist: Annieglass

high quality, status, or style
showing stylish excellence
impressive natural style, ability or skill that someone has

Talk about class: Annieglass, a new favorite at the home of Gallery Judaica, has been making the classiest glass table art for nearly 30 years. Each piece, made of clear textured glass and hand-painted in 24 karat gold or genuine platinum, is handcrafted by the artists at Annieglass. Each piece by Annieglass reflects sophistication, and brings a sleek yet delicate look to any home and any celebration.  

Stop by Gallery Judaica to shop the new artist, Annieglass, or call us to order a one-of-a-kind classic piece of glass art.

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Sweet Celebrations: Mary Jurek

What could be sweeter than spending peaceful time 
celebrating Shabbat, or a wedding, with family and friends? 

Shabbat celebrates our day of rest and our day of peace. 
It allows us to break away from and reflect on the world we live in day-to-day. 
It allows us to focus on the sweetness of celebrating life, family, and Jewish traditions. Just like we do at joyous, momentous occasions like weddings, Shabbat is a time to focus on the now, on the current moment, and on the family and friends that surround us and make our lives at peace.

Celebrate Shabbat, weddings, and many other Jewish holidays with Mary Jurek. Her great ability to work in stainless steel guides her burgeoning luxury tableware and home design company, and has allowed her to develop a unique line of products that reflect both her personal and professional preferences: organic and unadorned, yet beautiful in the most classic sense of the word. For Jurek, the paradox of her primitive, individually hand-welded products juxtaposed with modern-day luxury living is the ultimate expression of her artistic vision.

Her artistic talent has brought her to create hand-hammered stainless steel accessories that brilliantly reflect today’s style: organic, alluring, playful and classic. Polished to a high luster, these unique pieces provide elegance in home entertaining. From the Shabbat candlesticks used weekly, to the Seder plate for Passover in the Spring, to the Honey Bowl for Rosh Hashanah in the fall, bring Mary Jurek into your home for something sweet, classic, and always tasteful. 

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Simple + Detailed

Sometimes something, like a piece of art, may look really simple from afar. But when you get up close, you can see the details and realize that it is an intricate, beautiful piece of art. If you have simple style, don't settle for simple and boring. Get the simple yet stunning look from two of our artists, 
Quest and Argaman.

Quest offers a great selection of simple yet finely detailed pieces for the home and holidays. Some of the artwork by Quest is constructed from pewter and painted with high-gloss enamel. They even embellish and decorate some of their art pieces with Swarovski crystals. The Simplicity Seder Plate shown here includes six removable dishes that are each hand-painted with enamel and decorated with crystals. The Fancy Swirl Unpainted Kiddush Cup is a bit more simple without the enamel, but still includes detailed work in the metal and crystals. 
Looking for even more simple? Quest also creates simple yet stand-out artwork made out of just metal, like the Hammered Metal Hand Washing Cup and the Hammered Metal Hand Washing Bowl shown here. 


Each tallit from Argaman Embroidery is hand-made in Israel and the collection of tallitot is filled with simple yet detailed beauty. 

All of the men's tallitot shown here look simple from afar, but when you get up close, you notice the intricate embroidery that is stitched onto each tallit. The colors also work well for men with simple style: go for the simple yet stunning look in the beautiful greys, browns, reds, and blues.

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Spring is Blooming...Soon!

Snow, rain, freezing temperatures, and cloudy skies are not things to look forward to.

Sunshine, flowers, and warm weather...now that's something we can get excited about!

Spring starts in less than two months and we want to get you excited about the good times ahead.


Seder plates from Mustardseed & Moonshine are the perfect way to celebrate in the season of Spring. The idea behind the artwork is to make beautiful ceramic flowers that are both usable and lasting, flowers that are meticulously crafted, and yet simultaneously robust and functional. Each piece is handmade and will bring the beauty of Spring into your home throughout Passover year after year.

Talk about Spring! Reeva Shaffer brings you the perfect accessory for Jewish life in springtime. Her Brightly Colored Burnout Silk Tallit will make you feel as powerful as the rays of the sun that will soon be shining down upon you.


Spring this year means color, but orange is THE color of Spring this year and mixed with this black and white polka dot design, these Candlesticks by Orna Lalo could not be more on trend. Celebrate Shabbat this Spring in style with these fabulous flower candlesticks.

Quest brings Spring into your home with beautiful color inspirations, including this Miriam Kiddush Cup. Let them light up your home literally and figuratively! They will make the sunny days appear to come even sooner.

Speaking of sunshine and flowers...what better way to celebrate Spring than to celebrate the leaves that bloom each Spring season! Each Leaves Seder Plate by Quest is hand-painted, making each one a unique piece of art. The six small leaf dishes are sure to brighten up any home.


This Seder Plate by Tesori Collection brings you the essence of Spring in its seven species motif. Colorful in its representation of grapes, olives, wheat, barley, figs, date, and pomegranates, the Seder plate symbolizes the abundance of the Land of Israel in biblical times. This cheerful yet meaningful Seder plate will make you feel like the abundance that Spring brings is just moments away. 

The Tesori Collection's Passover Matzah Plate, like the matching Passover Seder Plate above, will make Winter go by in a blur. Bring Spring into your home and your Seder with this beautiful work of art.   

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