Seder Sale: 11 DAYS AWAY

Yes, you only have 11 days to prep for Pesach!
The sale may be going until the end of the holiday, but the first night is just 11 days away, and the Seder Sale is the perfect time to buy everything you need (and more).


 To get you excited about your Seder that will be here before you know it, here are 11 fun facts:

1. Each of the six places on the Seder plate has a special meaning that contributes to the focus of the Passover meal: the retelling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

2. The Maror, or bitter herbs, represent the bitterness and harshness of the slavery in Egypt. 

3. The Charoset, typically a sweet, brown mixture, represents the mortar used by the Jewish slaves to build the storehouses of Egypt.

4. The Karpas, a vegetable, like parsley or celery, is dipped into salt water at the beginning of the Seder to represent tears and pain felt by the slaves in Egypt. 

5. The Zeroah, often referred to as the Pascal lamb or shankbone, represents the "Pesach sacrifice."

6. The Beitzah, also known as a hard-boiled egg, represents the "festival sacrifice" during biblical times, and serves as a symbol of mourning, sometimes evoking the idea of mourning over the destruction of the Temple.  

7. The name of the holiday, "Pesach", is derived from the Hebrew word pasach, which means "passed over." 

8. The word "Seder," the meal which takes place the first (and as many other nights as you wish) of Passover means "order". 

9. The "Haggadah" is the book that accompanies the Seder, which contains the text of the Seder. There are so many different forms of Haggadot to choose from!

10. The "Afikoman" is half of the middle matzah, which is broken and hidden during the Seder, and then eaten last at the end of the Seder.

11. The four questions:

Why is this night different from all other nights? 
On all other nights we eat both leavened and unleavened bread, 
but on this night we eat only unleavened bread. 
On all other nights we eat all kinds of vegetables, but on this night only bitter herbs.  
On all other nights we do not dip our food even once, but tonight we dip twice
On all other nights we eat either sitting up or reclining, but tonight we all recline.

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Whether you're giving an award, presenting a piece to thank someone, or blessing a new home, there's one option, exclusive to Gallery Judaica, that will well exceed the recipient's expectations. 
The new line of glass platters by Schlanser are smaller (which means more affordable!), but the size does not take away from the beauty of each handmade, unique work of glass art. 
Schlanser has transformed the world of glass art by creating one-of-a-kind pieces of kiln-fired glass, "the process by which plate glass is carefully shaped by heating it to near melting temperature, then gravitating from its solid state to form shapes." 

Schlanser's new line of 7" glass inspirations, which can serve as awards, presentation pieces, and gifts, and are exclusive to Gallery Judaica, includes the following pieces: 

Cohanim (Priestly) Blessing: "May God bless you and keep you, May God's presence shine upon you and be gracious to you, May God's presence be with you and give you peace."

Albert Einstein Quote: "It is the responsibility of every human being to make the world a better place than the one we found."

Save One Soul: "Whoever saves a single soul, it is considered as if they saved an entire world."

Take a look at these and other pieces made by Schlanser, including The Tree of Life, Woman of Valor, Home Blessing, and Shema, now at Gallery Judaica.

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Yair Emanuel: Passover Sale + More

Yair Emanuel gives us the gift of painted wood art created and crafted in Jerusalem.

Each piece from Yair Emanuel is a standout work of art. His collections brighten rooms, homes, and holidays, with tzedakah boxes, havdalah sets, and the two passover essentails: seder and matzah plates. He fuses traditional motifs and ancient Jewish manuscripts with modern and oriental art, and mixes old and new with vivid and harmonious colors. 

It's time to for an update, or just an extra: start shopping Yair Emanuel (and the Passover pieces are even on sale!)

Peacocks Round Tzedakah Box            Jerusalem Tzedakah Box                      Flowers Tzedakah Box


Oriental Havdalah Set

Peacocks Seder Plate                                                                                           Jerusalem Seder Plate


Peacocks Matza Plate                                                                                                Figures Matza Plate


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Spring Savings

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 
No, it's not the holiday sale of the Winter that's now ending. 
It's the Spring sale and there is so much to save, so start spending for Spring!

The Passover Sale: 

The first order of business: 
the holiday that is just around the corner and going to come before you know it. 

Passover begins on April 6th, only 25 days away, so start preparing now. 
We have a wonderful selection of everything you need for the Passover holiday (and of course for Shabbat, which happens to occur the first night of the holiday!). 

From Seder plates to Matzah plates, and Kiddush cups to Shabbat candlesticks, find your next favorite piece of Judaica from our one-stop shop, which is now almost entirely on sale. 

The Ketubah Sale 

Spring is blooming and with that comes a whole new blossom of newlyweds. 

Getting married? 
Now's the time to shop for your Ketubah, a beautiful piece that will serve as a marriage contract, a symbol of love, and a work of art in your home, forever and always. The prices are already marked down, so all you have to do is make the purchase that will be with you for the rest of your life! There truly is a Ketubah for each couple and with Gallery Judaica's selection, it's never been easier to find the perfect match.

The Tallit Sale

A tallit is for everyone. Whether you are the groom soon to be married, the teenager soon to become a young adult at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or an adult who has always wanted to feel the warmth of being wrapped in a synagogue, it's time to buy a tallit, and buy one now while they are on sale!

Even if you already have one, there is no reason not to add a stunning piece to your synagogue-going wardrobe.

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Chuppah Sale

We haven't talked about weddings in awhile, so let's get back into celebration mode with a sale: 
for this week only, get 20% off of chuppahs with free shipping!

The chuppah has become almost a requirement for all Jewish weddings. It is the canopy under which the Jewish couple stands during the wedding ceremony, but today it can be far more than just a canopy. The chuppah can be as simple as a sheet or a piece of cloth. People often enhance the chuppah canopy by using a tallit. Choosing or making the chuppah is a personal experience and can vary greatly from one wedding to the next. Even the posts that hold the canopy in place can be specific to the couple: it could be four poles held by four meaningful guests, or four branches build into the ground that form the solid foundation. 
Get some chuppah inspiration with the beautiful selection on Gallery Judaica, and hurry to purchase while they're on sale this week only!
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