A Piece for Every Holiday: Vagabond House

Spice up each holiday for the next year with our new artist, Vagabond House. 
Vagabond House uses wonderful materials and designs to create captivating pieces of Judaica art and housewares for the home. What makes them all the more special is that they are a family-owned, American company that knows exactly what it takes to make beautiful Judaica. The pieces are artistically designed and finely crafted from the highest quality pewter and other rare, beautiful and durable natural materials. Each one is both unique and functional and can serve as an heirloom for those who seek to express tradition and style in both family and formal entertaining.

  The Vagabond House's team of American designers focuses on creating exclusive, exquisite pieces that not only last a lifetime, but create a lifetime of memories for their discerning customers.

Choose the challah board to spice up Shabbat, the frog salt and pepper shakers to get a little smile during the Passover Seder, or the bee honey pot to celebrate an even sweeter new year on Rosh Hashanah. Whatever the holiday, everyone will be inspired by a piece of art from Vagabond House.

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New Arrivals: Gad Almaliah

What's the best way to start the week? New arrivals from one of our favorite artists!

Gad Almaliah has created a new set of hand-embossed, multi-metal artwork. Simple, classy, and stunning, these pieces will be enjoyed by any personality. 

Check out the explanation of each new beautiful piece below!


Woman of Valor: Taken from Proverbs 31, the Woman of Valor, known as "Eshet Chayil" in Hebrew, describes a woman who is energetic, righteous, and capable. This beautiful poem can be used to praise a wife, mother, grandmother, or any other adult woman deserving of honor or praise for her actions and achievements. 

Tikun Olam: Tikun Olam, also known as "repairing the world", is a basic concept of Judaism. As written on the print created by Gad Almaliah, Tikun Olam implies that while one is not obligated to complete the work to repair the world, one must not feel free to abandon it.

Kohanim Blessing: The Priestly Blessing reads, "May God bless you and keep you. May God's presence shine upon you and be gracious to you. May God's presence be with you and give you peace." These kind and meaningful words are meant for those who are going through a rite of passage, or  those who deserve praise for their good deeds and accomplishments.

Save One Soul: The Save One Soul blessing, also meant to praise those who have saved others either literally or spiritually, on a large or small scale, reads "Whoever preserves a single soul, scripture ascribes merit to them as though they saved a complete world."

Eitz Chayim: The famous "Tree of Life" is a symbol for many things in the realm of Judaica. The Tree of Life is spoken of in the Book of Genesis, discovered after Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. To some, the Tree of Life symbolizes the Torah, and to others it represents peace, calm, and wisdom. As written on the Gad Almaliah print, "It is a tree of life for those who grasp it, and all who uphold it are blessed. Its ways are pleasant, and all its paths are peace."

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Broken Glass

We are always so careful in our homes to not break things. We take dishes out cautiously, we place art on the walls in hopes that it doesn't fall, and we lock our pets out of certain rooms where it is too easy to knock something over.

So why do we anxiously and eagerly follow a tradition that involves stomping on something as fragile as a piece of glass?

During a Jewish wedding, a glass cup is traditionally broken as an act of remembrance, a gesture that helps to further illuminate the joy of the marriage. The breaking of the glass is most often said to symbolize the destruction of the Temple. Some romantically consider it to symbolize the end of the beloveds' single lives and the beginning of their lives together as one.  

This new life together is sweetened and remembered by the more modern Jewish custom of crafting Judaic wedding art from the pieces of the glass that were broken during the wedding ceremony. Many artists, including Shardz and Gary Rosenthal, offer a variety of stunning and unique wedding-glass art. You can choose from placing your broken glass into a mezuzah that will hang on your doorpost, to a menorah that you will light each Hanukkah, to a beautiful piece of art that you will walk by and look at each and everyday. 

Here are the owners of Gallery Judaica at their wedding. 
This photo becomes all the more meaningful when placed between the pieces of glass that were broken during the ceremony that bound them in marriage. 

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More Schlanser!

We know we just talked about Schlanser, but we can't help ourselves! We got new merchandise from this amazing artist and we want to keep sharing it with you.

These new pieces make great gifts for the home, or awards for someone who deserves some praise for their accomplishments and achievements. The pieces are simple yet striking; they appeal to a wide range of tastes and personalities, and can fit perfectly into a variety of interiors. 
A piece of glass art made by Schlanser is a piece of everlasting enjoyment.

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Happy Passover!

Wishing you a Happy Passover!

We hope you have a sweet Seder, a great meal, a delicious matzah-filled week ahead, and Shabbat Shalom!

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Celebrating Women: Mother's Day

While we quickly get things in order for the upcoming Passover holiday starting this Friday, we can start getting excited about the women in our lives and celebrating them on Mother's Day, happening in just over a month. Mother's Day will take place on May 13th this year and why not celebrate her by praising her as a Woman of Valor? This great gift, and honor, is perfect for a mother, or any other woman in your life whom you wish to acknowledge and celebrate.

 These holidays always sneak up on you. Start shopping for Mother's Day now and give a gift that is sure to "wow" her.

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