New Exclusive: Robert Saslow

We are so proud to EXCLUSIVELY carry some of the most beautiful ketubot 
in the world. Our newest addition to the exclusives collection is from artist Robert 
Saslow, entitled Love's Canopy Ketubah. One reason we love Saslow is simply the 
fact that he's from our home town of Los Angeles. But we really love him as a designer and calligrapher, creating and producing his stunning collection of ketubot.

Our exclusive Love's Canopy Ketubah shown below represents two trees gently intertwined 
to create a single graceful canopy, aglow with blessings of love, compassion, and peace - 
the perfect image and message to represent the joyous occasion of your wedding.

Shop this and the rest of his collection on our site and don't forget that you get 
free ground shipping with any one of his pieces!

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Is This A Ketubah? YES!

We are so proud to carry This Is Not A Ketubah, 
a vibrant line of ketubot that mixes high-quality art with both 
traditional and modern themes. This Is Not a Ketubah is a collective of 
Argentine and New York Jewish artists who love following the ancient Jewish  
traditions, and taking high art to the next level, while doing everything with Tzedakah in mind. 

They started making ketubot for their friends, first with traditional themes like trees, and eventually
making the ketubot more innovative, interesting, and new. So many friends loved the 

ketubot that they put some online for everyone who wanted a modern yet 
 high-quality ketubah. The artists of This Is Not A Ketubah are  
obsessed with giving friends, partners, and clients 
exactly the right ketubah they want, designed just for them. 
They conduct in-detail interviews so that they can get to know and 
understand who they are creating the ketubah for. Their distinctive philosophy 
has led them to be one of the first online teams to create personalized ketubot.

These artists are also dedicated to helping the Jewish orphans of Argentina. 

They are saving Jewish children, one yeled and yaldah at a time.

Here's a handful of ketubot from our new favorite line:

The Lovers Dance:
The bliss of marriage can only be matched by pure joy and radiant love on wedding day! The Lovers Dance Ketubah captures the motion, and action, and beautifully tender moment of the Bride and Groom’s first dance together in this bright and exciting Ketubah. With exuberant colors and bold textures, it takes a certain type of personality to fall in love with this Ketubah—and we absolutely have! This ketubah was influenced by: Romero Britto

The Enchanted Forest:
Brought to life by vivid splashes of color dramatically mixed with white space, the Enchanted Forest Ketubah combines abstract art with the beauty of natural flora from an unconventional perspective. Evoking the emotion of water color expressionism with impressive color clarity, it was created with an eye for unconventional painting. Capturing season colors from fall to spring, this Ketubah is for nature lovers with a knack for modern design. With intense color starting on the right and moving toward the Ketubah text itself, the words and signatures of the Enchanted Forest are emphasized—highlighting the sacred oaths of the loving couple who signs it.

The Amour et Couleur: 
This ketubah was influenced by Joan Miro, whose unique combination of surrealism and cubism created a style that not only went on to redefine the art of contemporary southern Europe, but created an original style that is not just fun but consistently elegant, as well. The Amour et Couleur Ketubah is the right ketubah for the couple who loves the modernist style and everything it represents: updating the tradition for modern times while keeping a classy look, that you’re proud to show off.

The Ani L'Dodi Vibrant Mosaic: 
“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”—Legend tells us that King Solomon wrote this line in his intimate and beautiful poem, the Song of Songs. For centuries, Jewish couples have reflected on its lines as an expression for their relationship. The Ani L’Dodi Mosaic Ketubah combines this classic phrase from Jewish tradition together with the vibrant, exciting, and joyful design of stained glass. Reminiscent of the world’s most famous Synagogues, each pane uses powerful yet subdued colors to illuminate the view. Skillfully blending color and emotion, this Ketubah is perfect for the couple who want to uniquely declare their love.

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