Back from Israel with New Artists

We made it to Israel and back! 
And we're so excited to tell you that 
we made it back with some great new artists
Thanks for the advice!

Our first new artist we saw and had to have is Greenvurcel, Silversmiths & Jewelers, a Jerusalem-based artist famous among design aficionados and extremely discriminating clients 
from around the world. His pieces have been widely exhibited and are part of the permanent collections of more than fifteen international museums. Greenvurcel is committed to introducing 
the world’s most creative, unique and exciting creations.  His works of art are handmade of silver 
in small editions, consistent with our exclusivity concept. Greenvurcel’s ritual objects have been admired by many and described as “breathing new life into ancient forms and at the same time 
are designed in accordance with the Halachah (Jewish Law)”.

Shop our new addition now before his amazing pieces sell out!

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Featured Artist: Laura Cowan

Are you the type who appreciates and embraces modern design? Are you looking for traditional Judaica with a modern edge?

We have the perfect solution for you! 

Laura Cowan is the go-to artist for contemporary Judaica. She brings her unique ideas to the field of Judaica, working from her design studio and workshop in Tel Aviv. Laura Cowan's fresh ideas contribute to a new wave of exciting Judaica design, shaking up the traditional Jewish gift market and generating worldwide interest. All of Laura Cowan's products are original handcrafted pieces, including Passover Seder Plates, Shabbat candlesticks, modern menorot for Hannukah, Kiddush Cups, Dreidels and many different mezuzah designs, including the Saturn mezuzot featured below. 

A modern piece of Judaica from Laura Cowan makes an ideal gift for a Jewish wedding, Jewish holiday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, housewarming, Hannukah or Pesach.  

Shop her collection now!

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Tzedakah: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

You know when you're looking for that perfect gift and you just can't think of what to give?

We have the perfect solution for you! 

Dabbah's Tzedakah boxes make great gifts for a wide range of personalities, age groups, and celebrations. What better way to honor someone or say thank you to someone for the good they have done than to give them a gift that represents and promotes continuing those good deeds? What better way to start a marriage than to give the newlyweds a foundation to begin doing one of our biggest mitzvot together? What better gift to instill the ideals of Judaism and our obligation to give to a young adult who is becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

There is always a reason to give Tzedakah, and the anodized aluminum Tzedakah boxes made by Dabbah simply beautify that mitzvot. Now available in 3 new colors, there is a Dabbah Tzedakah Box for every personality, every age, and every joyous occasion. 

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Beautify, Give, Illuminate, & Enrich

Steve Resnick continues to create unique works of art to enhance every aspect of your 
life. Each piece is created by hand, and reflects the skillful carving of the glass, 
as well as the sophistication and spirituality of the design and imagery.

Enhance your life and your home by beautifying Shabbat each week with his 
Olive Branch Challah platter, or by giving to those in need everyday through his stunning 
Olive Branch Tzedakah box. The elegant Tzedakah box will serve as a prominent reminder to do 
what is right. Illuminate the Festival of Lights even more this year with his finely crafted Olive Branch Menorah, or enrich your home with the beauty and protection of Resnick's Etched Glass Mezuzah, which reads "Bless You When You Enter, Bless You When You Leave."

Steve Resnick's pieces are unlike any other, literally and figuratively. No two are the same, and 
each piece is sure to enhance your home, or the home of those you choose to give these gifts to.

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SALE! tamara baskin

We're giving you a great reason to shop.

What's a better reason than a SALE?

One of our favorite artists, Tamara Baskin, is on sale,
now through July 24th!

Whether you're shopping for the upcoming High Holidays, your weekly Shabbat dinner, or Passover next Spring, Tamara Baskin has a piece that will brighten up your home and your holiday.

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