Silhouette: Danny Azoulay's Latest Multi-Layer Papercut

We wanted to take a moment to show you Danny Azoulay's latest ketubah design, "Silhouette." Over the last few years, the renowned Israeli artist has been adding depth to his intricate papercut ketubot (that's plural of "ketubah") by crafting pieces with multiple layers, so that one layer of papercut art lies over another. Have a look at this new design and others by clicking here. As of this writing, we have Silhouette in stock at our store in Los Angeles (1312 Westwood Blvd 90024). Come and see!
A close-up of Danny Azoulay's stunning Silhouette in Ivory
  Silhouette is composed of a top layer in Azoulay's classic ivory shade, which is laid over a double-layered background. The ketubah is available in four colors -- Moss Green, Red, Ivory and Indigo. The version pictured above is Ivory. You can see them all here:
Silhouette: Moss Green

Silhouette: Red

Silhouette: Ivory

Silhouette: Indigo


New Video! Danny Azoulay in His Ketubah Studio

As we've said through the years, Danny Azoulay is one of our very favorite designers. After enjoying one new papercut ketubah design after another, and all his gorgeous framed home blessings and wall art, now we get a peek into the Israeli artist's studio and creative process in this great little video. Just press play!

Also check out Azoulay's full line of ketubah designs by clicking here.

...and stay tuned for more on Danny's latest piece!


December Sale on Amy Fagin Ketubah Designs!

It's December (already?) and that means most ketubah designs by Amy Fagin drop to 20%-off during our month-long sale. Amy's pieces have been part of our offerings since the days before online shopping, so it’s safe to say we know her work well. The flowing curves and twists of her artwork bring into sharp relief through her expert use of vivid colors give her ketubah designs a unique look that we haven't seen anywhere else.
From her classic "Embrace":
…to her popular "One Heart":
... to "Wind Song," whose purchase helps support Ocean Conservancy to help preserve the health of our oceans.
If you've got a wedding coming up or know someone who does, you can save all month long!
Sale ends 12/31/13