Laura Cowan's Futuristic Passover Designs

If we'll all be making calls from our watches while our cars drive themselves, why shouldn't Judaica make the leap into the future, too? Take a look at Israeli artist Laura Cowan's cutting-edge Passover Seder and Matzah Plates. Aluminum, stainless steel, neodymium magnets - this designer has got her eye on what's to come. See our full Passover selection here.


Nambe for Passover - A Sleek & Modern Touch to Your Seder

A family-owned company, Nambe began in 1951 during modernism's mid-century design movement. Each piece is crafted with their signature metal alloy, used exclusively by Nambe, which has the luster of silver and the strength of iron. Well known for their sleek, modern flatware and serving pieces, Nambe has moved into the world of Judaica. Here you can see their innovative Seder Plate and classic Kiddush / Elijah Cup and Candlesticks. The first Seder is April 14th, so if you're considering something new this Passover, see our full collection of Nambe here.


Purim Sale! Rare Megillah Holder from Hungary


Once in a while we have a rare piece that we'll probably never see again. On sale through March 16, 2014, this sterling silver Megillah holder was made in Hungary and holds a Book of Esther scroll (“Megillah”) approximately 9 1/2” tall and up to 2 1/2” wide. It is used for the annual reading of the Purim story.

The distributor for this piece no longer exists, so we have only one and we can't get any more. If you or your synagogue would like a beautiful addition to your Purim celebration, we recommend considering this stunning piece of European Judaica. This work of Jewish art is on sale through March 17th, 2014. Learn more here!

We also have Purim groggers available at our in-store location. We hope to see you!


Vagabond House - Finally, a Contemporary Havdalah Set!


We're really pleased that a contemporary design company has directed their artistic efforts toward a modern Havdalah set! Designed and finely crafted from the highest quality pewter and other rare, beautiful and durable natural materials, these fine pieces of Judaica and Jewish Art from Vagabond House offer a contemporary sensibility to the celebration of Shabbat and the Saturday-evening Havdalah ceremony. Above, you can see their Spice Box, Kiddush Cup and Candle Holder for Havdalah, as well as their Challah Board, Challah Knife and Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Shakers for Shabbat and Holidays.  Have a look at our full Vagabond House collection here!


Alef Bet by Paula - Jewish Jewelry for the Season of Love

It's the season of love and we thought we'd showcase one of our favorite jewelers - Alef Bet by Paula!  The gorgeous diamond necklaces above are a sampling of Paula's fine Jewish jewelry collection, featuring Star of David and heart motifs.  The artist designs her pieces with an eye on contemporary style, giving them an up-to-the-minute sense of fashion, while celebrating Jewish tradition and spirituality.  Have a look here!


Save Now! Danny Azoulay Ketubah Price Increase Starts 3/1/14

Danny Azoulay's Antique Lace Papercut Ketubah | Made in Israel 
We wanted to give everyone a heads-up that Danny Azoulay is raising the prices of many of his papercut ketubah designs by up to 10% starting March 1, 2014.  If you have a wedding coming up and you like Azoulay's work, now's the time to save while his ketubot are still at last year's prices!  You can see all of his ketubot here.