Aimee Golant's Exceptional Tzedakah Box Designs


Aimee Golant has integrated the Hebrew letter “Tzadie” into the design of this exceptional Tzedakah Box. The image is reminiscent of a tree, with the texture in the upper triangle resembling coins dropping in.

Bronze-plated edition now available! Click here to view.

One of Aimee Golant's goals as an artist is to produce pieces of Judaica that help people "come into peace and harmony with ourselves and the world."


Jonathan Adler: An Unusually Stylish Passover Seder Plate


Jonathan Adler is an expert at having fun while running a serious design company. His fine craftsmanship and colorful sense of optimism has made him a global force in home decor. Click to see Jonathan Adler's unusually stylish ceramic Seder Plate.


Mary Jurek's Stainless Steel Passover Creations

Mary Jurek's Passsover Seder Plate, Matza Plate & Candlesticks

Mary Jurek’s process begins with pencil drawings, followed by the age-old technique of hammering or "raising" flat stainless steel sheets into trays & bowls. More finely detailed elements are created with “lost-wax” casting techniques. Once the rough edges are ground & filed, items made with multiple parts are then hand- welded together. Click to see Mary Jurek's exquisite Passover collection here.